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When Angels Fall

Finding hope at the end of the world.

FEB 20 - 24, 2019

Critical Praise

A “multitalented performer!”
- New York Times
“Boitel makes her directorial debut, blending circus, dance and theatre.”
- Playbill.com

Artist Interviews

"When Angels Fall is a dystopia, a fiction of anticipation. To speak of the future is, I think, the best way to speak of the present. A group of people living in a small society where all is organized, formatted and conformist."
- Raphaëlle Boitel, Journal La Terrasse
"The more that I work, the more that my shows move towards [analyzing] human nature, as that’s what intrigues me, our self-destructive facets. And so, how can we be reborn out of our ashes? How can we ameliorate ourselves through falling?"
- Raphaëlle Boitel, JunkPage Journal
"I question human nature and I leave every audience member free to take their own interpretation."
- Raphaëlle Boitel, Bordeaux
"For a long time, I thought that the role of the artist is to jolt the public. Now, I want to offer them onstage that which the world, having become too hard, doesn’t give them anymore: moments of pure love."
- Raphaëlle Boitel, Festival International Des Arts De Bordeaux Métropole